Wyebrook Estate is situated on the corner of Ben Morven and New Renwick Roads in the southern valleys of Marlborough, New Zealand.

The name Wyebrook came about because of the shape of the vineyard block. From the air, you can see a definite Y shape, formed from where two streams converge. So the Y-shape and the idea of a 'babbling brook' inspired the name Wyebrook Estate.

All 56 acres is planted in Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, and lovingly cared for by vineyard manager, Craig Sheridan and his Vinepride team. Vinepride is a vineyard management service, owned by Wyebrook Estate's directors.

What Happens in the Vineyard?

Spring (in New Zealand, this is September - November)

Spring is when the vineyard wakes up from its 'winter sleep'. The first inkling of spring is when new buds swell and burst. This is a nerve-wracking time for us because Marlborough is very prone to late frost, which can cause damage to vines. We have wind machines installed in the vineyard which will operate when temperatures drop below zero.

Springtime is also an important time to set up for the coming growing season. Our team are out 'bud rubbing' to prevent shoots sprouting in the wrong places, mowing spring grass and keeping weeds and pests at bay as the weather starts to warm up.

Summer (December - February)

Summer in the vineyard is all about nurturing the vines - we joke that Craig is out there talking to the vines! Between December and end February, the vineyard is managed for what we want to harvest. This includes thinning fruit to maximise flavours, and monitoring the health of the vines and watching for any nasties (pests or disease). In late summer, some of the leaves are removed to maximise the exposure to light, and enhance ripening.

We have two special friends fly in to help us in the summertime. Hughie the hawk and Robbie the native New Zealand falcon enjoy fresh meat, and in return they help to scare away the small birds that come in to feed off the ripening grapes. They are free to come and go as they please, but they do come back for the tasty meat that Steve and Craig put out for them.

Autumn (March - June)

Autumn in the vineyard is the busiest time of the year. Harvest for Marlborough Sauvignon occurs around April, and it's all hands on deck right throughout the region to get the fruit off the vine and safely into the winery. Our grapes are harvested with our own Pellenc selective process machine which carefully monitors the crop, harvesting only the berries, leaving behind the rachis, petiole and leaf, delivering only the best to the winery. There is some science behind the exact best time to harvest, and the winemaker generally specifies the right sugar levels (measured in brix) and Ph levels. Vines are also tested for botrytis and other elements.

Winter (June - August)

After all the action and hubbub of harvest, wine growers heave a sigh of relief, and many go on holiday. While the fruit is safely off and being made into wine, the vineyard goes to sleep. Very soon after harvest, the leaves turn colour, and drop off. Looking across the region at this time, you will see the most exquisite autumn colors - golds, reds and rich browns. Once the vines are dormant, they are pruned for the following season. Hundreds of seasonal workers from all over the world flock to Marlborough for the pruning season.